The Art and Craft of Windows Search – (2) Sophisticated Searching

(Article originally submitted under the title: “On the Synthesis of Search Terms in the Application of the Windows Search Algorithm to the Location of Desired Objects, with Particular Reference to the Precepts of Symbolic Logic Established by Professor Boole”.) In the first part of this two-part series, we did the groundwork for an efficient search index configuration, and rebuilt and tested the index.  Now we’re going to go further than simply typing in words and phrases as search terms, to look at how we can set up and combine search terms and conditions using the Advanced Query Syntax. If you … Continue reading

The Art and Craft of Windows Search – (1) Groundwork

  Windows Search has been much maligned.  There are forums all over the internet where it has been vigorously discussed, often in vitriolic terms.  Typical complaints are that it can’t find a file even when you know the file is present, and, most often, “it just doesn’t work!”.  For instance, this Microsoft Forum thread  has been going for years now, and still occasionally gets new comments, mostly bad.  (But then, how many people go out of their way to comment that something is brilliant?) I’ve done a lot of research on Windows Search, and one conclusion is that its poor … Continue reading

Be A Super Computer! – Folding@home

Fancy a part-share in the second most powerful supercomputer in the world?  Think what you could do with it: play Call of Duty or Crysis faster than real-time, crack all your friends’ passwords in a microsecond, finish your accounts spreadsheets before you even started, forecast hurricanes, predict climate change….  If the mood took you, you could even model the behaviour and effects of biological molecules in the human body.   Dream on – unless the last one appealed to you, in which case you can start straight after you’ve finished reading. Supercomputers rely on parallel processing – joining together huge numbers … Continue reading